Broker education debate sparks increased activity

Tue, 08/03/2016

2016 has started with an education activity boom for Brokers and insurance intermediaries. Many changes are taking place in the sector and the key issues in Broker education have been the subject of much debate.

The result of all the discussion, we trust, will be an improved system turning out higher quality results and better industry operatives. In the meantime, what we do know is that enrolments and completions of education courses are experiencing a flurry of activity.

Gold Seal, the largest independent provider of Broker education, has seen new enrolments up as much as 57% on this time last year and completions of Tier 1/2 and Diplomas up over 250% on January and February 2015.

If this increased level of activity is mirrored by other education providers across the industry, then it points to the conclusion that the value of education is on the rise. This has to be a good sign for the industry. 

Looking to the rest of the year, Gold Seal is urging Brokers to take the opportunity of the changing education landscape of new courses and providers, to consider carefully their choice of education provider, and question their habits when making choices. There are a number of options out there and now, more than ever, Brokers need to ask themselves the following questions:

  • Does the course link closely to actual Broker practice?
  • Does the courseware incorporate techniques which best help adults to learn?
  • Does the courseware ask the student to complete assignments that are constructive and relevant to the work they do day to day?
  • Are they getting a fair deal on education financially?
  • How responsive is the service provided by the training organisation, including the content of courseware and frequent updates to keep courseware current?

Overall, Broking managers are well advised to ensure they are satisfied that employees will emerge from their studies as better operators for their business with an improved view of industry practices and compliance.

Gold Seal is always happy to help people understand this changing education landscape fully. As ever we strongly support quality training practices and hope this increased interest in education activity continues, helping brokers and intermediaries serve their clients better.

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