Steadfast 2017 - another great year

Tue, 11/04/2017

Sheila Baker, Managing Director Gold Seal tells of her experiences at this year's Steadfast Convention.

"We are returned from the Steadfast Convention 2017, bodies broken but spirits buoyed by the event and all the wonderful people we spoke to. This was my 12th Convention and I still really enjoy meeting the Brokers and Underwriting Agencies that we speak to all the time on the phone but have less opportunity to get in front of on a day to day basis.

The Gold Seal team at SteadfastCompliance and Risk Management queries were higher than in many previous years. Apart from that trend, we had a large number of education and HR queries as usual. Each area was probably line ball with the others. Another observation was that Lehanne Bleumink (HR Services) was gratified to learn that her monthly bulletin has a wider readership than she imagined.

It thrilled me to pieces to hear the number of people who came to the stand to sing the praises of our team. I had Liz Rayner (Training and Education), Frances Terry (Compliance and Risk Management) and Lehanne with me and they did a fantastic job of fielding enquiries and engaging with the many delegates who came to the stand just to say hi. Thank you to all who visited us for your very kind words and warm wishes. We love talking to our clients (existing and prospective) and getting to know you and your businesses.

It was great also to hear you speak of the tendrils of change in the market appearing, and your good spirits for better times ahead. The Insurance cycle is just that – a cycle – and some parts of it are easier than others to live with. It’s the resilient, the creative and the committed that come through the cycle and live to see the upswing. We saw plenty of that this year.

We thought the new Sydney Convention Centre was an improvement although it is an endurance test to get from one end to the other. The good part of it was we had no trouble getting our 10,000 steps in. One of our team measured it and it was 750 metres from the door to the marketplace. Nigel Clutterbuck commented it was “Robert’s way of keeping us all fit!”

We’ll be following up with the many people who left us queries but in the meantime, if you need us please do call – don’t wait for the next convention to have your burning questions answered.

Until we meet again!"


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