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Each Gold Seal workshop not only provides the participant with useful tools, essential knowledge and skills, but also helps to accrue professional development hours. 

If you, or anyone in your business, are interested in attending any training which is not currently scheduled for your State please contact Gold Seal to register your interest.  When we know we have demand, we will endeavour to schedule the workshops in those States currently not listed. 

If you have a few in your business who are interested in the same topic, let us know and we may be able to cost effectively run it in-house for you.  What a luxury – our trainers come to you, conduct the training in your office – you don’t have to go anywhere or be out of the office for a day and there’s nobody from other companies to constrain your discussions.  Hassle-free training!

Alternatively, if we don’t have a scheduled workshop to meet your needs, we may be able to assist you with some distance learning materials.

Call Gold Seal on + 613 9510 5100 to discuss how we can assist you or email 

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