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Business Closure During the Christmas / New Year Period

At this time of year as we are heading into the festive season, there are a lot of considerations and decisions a business owner needs to make. If you are considering closing down your business over the Christmas/New Year period you may need to ensure adequate notice is given and correct entitlements are paid to

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Why Employment Terms and Conditions are so Important

It is sometimes confusing to know what applies when, and how best to implement employment agreements and other documents - such as employee policy handbooks to more effectively protect both the business and employees. It is recommended that employers have up-to-date agreements with all employees as well as documented policies, so both parties are very

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Following Your Own Employee Policies is Crucial

Determining a redundancy is a genuine redundancy is one thing, however be careful to ensure the employee is paid all their entitlements on termination, especially if wanting to enforce employee policies. It is one thing to have employee policies in place, but you must apply them correctly to ensure the rights of the employee are

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Leading insurance news outlet highlights problems in broker education has helped champion the key issues in the discussion surrounding broker education. The article publised today details some of Gold Seal's viewpoints around the need for broker education to be based on delivering best practise, not just a 'tick box' compliance exercise. Read the article:

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Gold Seal weighs in on broker education discussion

The Managing Director of Gold Seal, Sheila Baker, has added her company’s weight behind NIBA’s opposition of the proposal to impose a degree qualification as a minimum to provide personal advice in broking. Gold Seal has been providing education programs to hundreds of brokers every year since 2005. In an open letter to the industry,

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