Daniel Bullock

Regional Queensland has its first winner with the judges being impressed by Karen’s track record during her 21 years at the helm of Tully based ACME Insurance Brokers. Her contribution to the industry has been immense and Karen clearly demonstrates many of the values epitomised by Valerie Baker during her career and her deeply loyal client base are a testament to her hard work.

Her intention of what she wants to do with the Award was clear and altruistic. Martin McAvenna, from the judging panel, summed up Karen’s candidacy as follows:

“Karen represents what is best about our business. The mission of insurance in the broader community could not have been better articulated. Overlaid with her experience, good humour, political activism, and excellent product knowledge, she showed a clear view of what she wishes to achieve if she wins the award…She is thinking about the future in not only her community but Australia in general as a risk exposure”.

Sheila Baker, Managing Director Gold Seal said, “The nominees for this Award keep getting better and better. They all come with great career track records and have plenty of scope to grow, develop and add to our fantastic industry even further. Bring on 2018’s applicants, we can’t wait.”

Congratulations to the other finalists:

  • Karyll Dean – PSC Connect

  • Maria Parry – Austcover

  • John Farrell – Steadfast Taswide

All the finalists were high achieving, respected members of our sector, and we acknowledge their outstanding contribution to the industry.