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Acting Efficiently, Honestly and Fairly – What does this mean?

Author: David Mills, Director, Gold Seal. Acting efficiently, honestly and fairly isn’t just good practice – it’s the law. The general statutory obligation under Section 912(1)(a) of the Corporations Act for all Australian Financial Services licensees is to do all things necessary to ensure that the services covered by the respective licence are provided “efficiently,

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Workplace Myths – Busted!

Author: Lehanne Bleumink, Gold Seal HR Services Manager. It’s important for employers to be aware of responsibilities relating to employee rights and employer obligations. From time to time, employers and employees have misunderstandings about their rights and obligations at work.  The Fair Work Ombudsman frequently sees examples of employers running their business based on myth.

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Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Soft Skills

Author: Lehanne Bleumink, Gold Seal HR Services Manager. Soft skills are transferable skills that an employee has - such as attitude, communication, decision-making, teamwork, time management etc. They are the behavioural attributes, personality traits and communication abilities needed for success on the job. They define how a person interacts in their relationships with others; they’re

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Changes to flexible work laws: what you need to know

Author: Lehanne Bleumink, Gold Seal HR Services Manager. As part of the 4-yearly review of the Modern Awards, the rules around flexible work requests changed. The Fair Work Commission has inserted into all Modern Awards a model term for requests for flexible working arrangements. This change took effect on 1 December 2018. Employers are no

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Placing Business with Unauthorised Foreign Insurers (UFIs)

Author: David Mills, Director, Gold Seal. With the hardening of the insurance market, the Compliance helpline has received a number of requests regarding the use of Unauthorised Foreign Insurers (UFIs). So, we thought it timely to remind you of the rules surrounding these placements and your obligations when placing business with UFIs. ‘Unauthorised Foreign Insurer’

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HR Planning for the Year Ahead

Author: Lehanne Bleumink, Gold Seal HR Services Manager. With holiday festivities drawing to an end and most of us returning to work after a much-needed break, it’s time to start 2019 with renewed vigour -whether that’s making sure your business plan is on track, undertaking some further study, managing work/life balance more effectively to spend

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Why Karen Hardy doesn’t shy away from chaos

  A great profile of Valerie Baker Memorial Award winner Karen Hardy by Insurance Business. She is yet another of the winners who are making a real difference to their businesses, the industry and their communities. Click here to find out why Karen loves the chaos.      

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Using Gold Seal’s Employment Agreement templates effectively

Author: Lehanne Bleumink, Gold Seal HR Services Manager. As many of you are aware, Gold Seal has developed Common Law Employment Agreement (CL Agreement) templates so you can easily develop robust agreements for your employees. One is based on the National Employment Standards (NES) and the Banking Finance and Insurance Award 2010 (BFI Award), and

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