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The Benefits of Taking Time Off

Our official working week maybe 38 hours, but that is just the time we are required to spend on the job. Long commutes, chores around the house, extracurricular activities for the kids, etc. cut deep into what’s left of the day. Doing nothing once in a while, reading a book, listening to music, watching a

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Stress in the Workplace

This time of year can be a very stressful time for everyone. Often deadlines need to be managed as we head towards the end of the year and in most cases Christmas closures. Work- related stress is a major health and safety issue in any company. While it is not an illness, it can lead

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Flexible Work Arrangements

Most employers would have heard of the right to request flexible working arrangements, but just what does that mean? A few calls we received to the Helpline recently indicate that perhaps the background to flexible work may warrant further exploration. The Fair Work Act 2009 provides employees in the national workplace system with a legal right to

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Should Work Experience Students Be Paid?

Have you ever been approached by a student seeking to do work experience in your business? If you take on work experience students it is important to be sure that the arrangement is lawful. The Fair Work Ombudsman has recently made its first prosecution since it announced its crackdown on unpaid work experience. The Fair

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Response from Award winner Karen Hardy

Valerie Baker Award winner Karen Hardy, has written a heart felt open letter of thanks in response to winning the award. The letter includes the comments: "Thanks to Gold Seal, Lloyds, Aims and Steadfast for this unfathomable opportunity to safeguard the Legend of Valerie Baker and wave her flag for the next year and beyond.

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Community Service Leave – What is it?

Community service leave, which forms part of the National Employment Standards (NES), provides employees (including casuals) with a right to be absent from work to engage in prescribed community service activities. Click here to read the latest newsletter

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Karen Hardy wins Valerie Baker Award

AIMS, Gold Seal and the Steadfast Group were delighted to announce the winner of the Valerie Baker Memorial Award at a special event hosted by Lloyd’s on 11 May in Sydney attended by senior executives and leading lights from throughout the industry. The Valerie Baker Memorial Award recognises excellence in professional practice in the General

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