Understanding the language of the licensing process and preparing your application in the required format can be a complex and time consuming process, just when you need it least – when you’re busy setting up a new business.

We’ll help you to de-stress at this point. We’re fully equipped to help with new or changing AFS Licences. We ensure you provide all necessary information to ASIC for prompt assessment.

Appointing a new Responsible Manager? We can help you there too, not only applying to ASIC but also with knowledge about the role. We offer a training program especially for new RM’s – our Responsible Manager Masterclass. For information on this program click here: Responsible Manager Masterclass

Through our Human Resources Services we can also provide invaluable support for the employment of staff that might be required in a start-up, and local legislative obligations in managing a workforce. To find out more click here: HR Services

To discuss how we can assist, call us on + 613 9510 5100 or email compliance@goldseal.com.au