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Why choose Gold Seal?

For Insurance Broker and Underwriting Agency Training and Education, Gold Seal stands out. It all comes back to our desire to assist beyond expectation. The interests of our students and participants drive us.

  • Your training and education is designed to reflect established workplace practices, not theory. Better for students, better for employers.
  • Nobody “fails” – we work in collaboration with the student to help them achieve competency. Barriers to your success are removed.
  • No exams. The work is assignment-based. Assessments are online and “open-book”.
  • Timelines to complete assessments are generous.
  • Flexibility – students can start their studies at any time, we don’t have start dates. Usually no charges for extensions
  • You’re part of the “Gold Seal Team”, not isolated and working on your own. Help and support is a phone call away.
  • If you call us you’ll get straight through to a person who knows what you are doing. We aim to answer your query in the same call

  • All design and assessment work is performed in Australia. By us, not outsourced.
  • Our compliance and risk management consultants also run workshops, so we’re always informed about current workplace practices. They were all Brokers and Underwriters – they understand what you do.

Programs include training for most occupations in a Brokerage or an Underwriting Agency, whether you work in an upfront role or Compliance, HR or Admin – as they say in the classics, there’s “something for everyone”! We add to our range constantly.

Our programs:

  • Qualify for professional development hours
  • Are highly praised by our participants
  • Are relevant to the workplace

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…or give us a call to discuss your training and education needs on + 613 9510 5100 or email