Gold Seal Learning – managing learning for your business

Gold Seal has enhanced its learning solutions to help organisations super charge the way they offer training. The solution has a variety of options only limited by imagination!

Gold Seal Learning is a blend of consultancy, training and the latest in learning management systems, all specifically set up for your organisation. All solutions are designed with detailed knowledge of your business operations, developed over the years working in the industry.

The end to end approach ensures your business learning needs are:

  • Organised

    • Work in partnership with a team that has provided quality learning for 25 years
    • Align your learning needs with your organisational strategies
    • One single place to view of all your employees learning activities
  • Customised

    • Tailored courses developed for you
    • Convert existing content into online learning (e.g. inhouse programs, business processes and procedures)
    • Onboarding programs
    • Career Development Plans – offer your team a structured approach to learning aligned with their career paths
  • Delivered

    Offer a learning programme to your team which includes access to:

    • Your own company branded site*
    • All of Gold Seal’s well-respected online training including courses we design in the future
    • Other providers online content
    • Streamlined administration including enrolments and status reporting

    *or if you already have a learning management system we can integrate Gold Seal’s suite of training resources into your existing platform

All of this is backed up by professionals who spend their working days helping client’s improve their business.

Gold Seal Learning – Provides a standardised and straightforward approach to training for your business, cost-effectively.

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