Essential HR Practices Workshop

Essential HR Practices Workshop 2017-07-03T03:59:36+00:00

6 Professional Development Hours

Effective HR management is a combination of “best fit” business practices and sound risk management. This workshop overviews the elements of the Human Resources Portfolio and discusses the link between HR and the Business Plan.

Participants will learn about sound people management processes and develop an awareness of the IR/HR legislation that governs our employment landscape. Incorporates changes to workplace relations legislation.

Suitable for HR Managers and Senior/Line Managers

Key Topics

  • Best fit” versus “best practice” – what’s right for YOUR workplace?
  • RG 104 and 105 and people management practices
  • Employment contracts and workplace agreements – making agreements with employees and contractors under the new regime
  • Overview of recruitment and selection
  • Overview of induction and managing the probationary period
  • Overview of performance management
  • Overview of training and development
  • Overview of termination issues

Course Features

  • A full day course to maximise learning
  • Opportunities to practice the skills learnt
  • Interactive workshop to enhance understanding
  • Learning from the experiences of other participants
  • Course notes and checklists for reference in the workplace

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