Our HR specialists can provide you with professional guidance and work with you in some or all areas of the HR portfolio.

Our most utilised support services are the HR Assist Helpline and HR Update Service.

HR Assist Helpline

Gold Seal’s HR Assist Helpline is a member support and mentoring service providing information and practical advice on all facets of HR management issues.

  • Open between 9am and 5pm EST

  • Telephone or email queries

  • Supported by HR/IR practitioners

  • Fast, accurate and down to earth advice

  • Regular Newsletters and Newsflashes keeping members abreast of change

The majority of routine HR enquiries are resolved through a call to the Helpline. For one fixed price which will pleasantly surprise you, you get access to your own HR Consultant.

  • Leave Entitlements
  • Employment Agreements
  • Rates of Pay
  • Termination
  • Casual/Part time/Fixed term/Contractor Arrangements
  • Performance Management
  • Training Requirements
  • Awards
  • National Employment Standards

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HR Update Service

You will also have access to our Update Service if you join our HR Assist Helpline and have purchased our HR Management Resources.

There’s only one thing more dangerous than not using any documentation in HR Management, and that’s using out of date stuff. Your resources need to reflect current practice and legislation.

We constantly update our HR Management Resources for our Update Service, giving users access to up to the minute changes and saving them time and money researching and implementing them.

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Other Services

We can also assist with:

  • HR Audit and Gap Analysis
  • Drafting, Updating and/or Customisation of Employment Agreements
  • Recruitment and Selection Assistance
  • Performance Management
  • Performance Counselling
  • Termination including Redundancy and Dismissal
  • Conflict Resolution

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To discuss our HR Resources, call us on + 613 9510 5100 or email hrservices@goldseal.com.au