Managing Time Effectively Workshop

Managing Time Effectively Workshop2017-07-03T04:38:12+00:00

3 Professional Development Hours

As every aspect of our lives flash by faster and faster, we all need to find new perspectives on how to manage our time more effectively.

This popular half day session aims to increase the effectiveness and/or efficiency of personal and corporate time use and is suitable for all staff.

Key Topics

  • Applying an analytical framework to time-management challenges
  • Establishing what we can and cannot manage when we interact with people, tasks and time frames
  • Self analysis of strengths and weaknesses, against a list of common problem areas
  • Techniques for avoiding “poor me” behaviours, and increasing “can do” behaviours
  • Understanding how our motivation impacts the 4 critical areas of planning, prioritising, handling interruptions, and procrastination
  • Building a realistic daily plan and defending it
  • Planning to improve skills

Course Features

  • Opportunities to practice skills learnt
  • Interactive workshop to enhance understanding
  • Learning from the experiences of other participants
  • Course notes and checklists for reference in the workplace
Managing Time Effectively Workshop

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