Privacy Updates – Are you ready?

No doubt you have updated your Privacy Procedures. And no doubt you have implemented a Data Breach Response Plan to prepare for the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme (NDBS).

We’re quite sure you’re aware the new scheme applies to all businesses with security obligations under the Privacy Act 1988.

And we guess you probably know all this needs to be done by the time the new scheme comes into effect from 22nd February 2018.

One more step to go … now you need to train your team members!

To help you meet your obligations, Gold Seal has updated its Privacy training to include the new data breach obligations. The new module covers:

  • The NDBS requirements
  • Identifying notifiable data breaches
  • Reporting data breaches

The training is tailored to the needs of general insurance employees and will also provide a refresher on the Privacy Principles underlying the Privacy Act.


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