Package 2 – NES & Modern Awards

Package 2 – NES & Modern Awards


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Package 2 contains guidelines to help you to understand the National Employment Standards and Modern Awards, which together form the legal requirements for employment in Australia. They are supported by a number of templates designed to assist you to implement the guidelines.


  • Agreement to Cash Out Annual Leave
  • Agreement to Take Annual Leave in Advance
  • Agreement for Time Off Instead of Payment for Overtime
  • Annualised Wage Information Template
  • Annualised Wage Template Letter to Employee
  • Annualised Wage Time Keeping Record Template
  • Award Flexibility Agreement
  • Guarantee of Annual Earnings
  • Leave Application
  • Parental Leave Notification Form

In addition you will find policies in the package that will assist the establishment and maintenance of the NES and Modern Awards in your workplace. They will also help you to clarify your position in relation to their use in the workplace and the obligations of both the employer and employees.


  • Family & Domestic Violence Leave Policy
  • Leave Entitlements Policy
  • Parental Leave Policy

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