Package 3 – EEO Laws & their Application

Package 3 – EEO Laws & their Application


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This package contains guidelines to Equal Employment legislation in Australia and its impact on how you manage your workforce when recruiting, training, managing performance and terminating (including redundancy).


  • Complaint Procedure

Additionally, there are several policies supplied which will assist you to understand your obligations in relation to these wide ranging laws. They will help you to establish and/or maintain a workplace which is compliant with these laws and in which everyone gets a “fair go”.


  • Code of Conduct
  • Fair Treatment Policy
  • Harassment & Bullying Prevention Policy
  • HR Complaint Procedures Policy
  • Whistleblower Policy

Should you require additional learning for these principles, or are considering educating your employees on their obligations in relation to them, feel free to enquire about our “Fair Treatment in the Workplace” online learning module which is offered at a 15% discount for purchasers of HR Resources, and attracts 3 PD hours.

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