Package 5 – Workforce Planning, Recruitment & Selection

Package 5 – Workforce Planning, Recruitment & Selection


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This package supplies guidelines for use when adding positions in your workplace, and also for best practice hiring to help you to source candidates, recruit and interview them effectively, and to appoint them appropriately.

In addition the package contains templates to assist you to implement the guidelines.


  • Agency or Internal Recruiter Brief
  • Behavioural Competency Definitions and Interview Questions
  • Employment Application Consent Form
  • Employment Application Consent Form – Entrusted Person
  • Information for Applicants – Reference Checks for Entrusted Persons
  • Job Analysis Guide
  • Letter of Offer
  • Position Description – Administration Assistant
  • Position Description – Claims Manager
  • Position Description – Generic
  • Position Description – Managing Director
  • Position Description – Underwriter
  • Recruitment and Selection Checklist
  • Recruitment Evaluation Matrix
  • Redeployment Letter
  • Reference Check
  • Reference Check Direction Form
  • Reference Check Form – Entrusted Person
  • Selection Interview Guide
  • Telephone Screening Form
  • Unsuccessful Candidate Letter

The above templates, used correctly, will supply you with a system that is of value during the recruitment process, e.g. the Behavioural Competency Definitions and Interview Questions document will provide you with detail to populate both the Position Description and the Selection Interview Guide.


  • Pre-Employment Medical Reports Policy

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