Package 7 – Performance Management

Package 7 – Performance Management


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In this package you will find guidelines which will assist you to implement processes relating to managing the performance of your employees and developing them to reach their full potential.
We have supplied two optional performance management processes, one is a traditional version and one which aligns your employee performance closely with your business plan. Reading the guidelines will help you to decide which system is better for your organisation and its goals. You will find a number of templates to support the guidelines.


  • Consent for Deduction from Wages
  • Employee Policy Acceptance Form
  • Fair Dismissal Code Checklist
  • Independent Medical Examination – Information for Employees
  • Independent Medical Examination – Letter To Employee
  • Independent Medical Examination – Letter To Independent Medical Specialist
  • Independent Medical Examination – Outcome Letter To Employee
  • Notice of Allegations Letter
  • Objectives Review Process – Annual Self-Assessment
  • Objectives Review Process – Discussion Guide
  • Objectives Review Process – Employee Guide
  • Objectives Review Process – Employer Guide
  • Objectives Review Process – Quarterly Discussion Guide
  • Performance Appraisal & Development Review
  • Performance Appraisal & Development Review Self-Assessment
  • Performance Appraisal Checklist
  • Performance Improvement Plan
  • Personal Development Plan
  • Position Description Template – Administration Assistant
  • Position Description Template – Generic
  • Probationary Employment Letter
  • Record of Meeting with Employee
  • Salary Review Letter
  • Study Assistance Application
  • Study Assistance Claim Form
  • Training Plan
  • Training Record
  • Warning Letter – Dismissal After Warning
  • Warning Letter – General or Final

Additionally you will find a range of Policies for your use which will assist your business to establish and maintain these practices. They will also clarify your position on your obligations and requirements in this important area of managing your workforce.


  • Code of Conduct Policy
  • Email, Internet and Telecommunications Policy
  • Performance Counselling & Misconduct Policy
  • Study Assistance Policy
  • Training and Development Policy

Please note: This is quite a large package and we encourage you to call if you need help or further assistance to understand or implement these guidelines and documents.

Feel free to contact our HR Helpline on +61 3 9510 5100 or email