Package 8 – Termination

Package 8 – Termination


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In this package we have supplied guidelines to assist you to terminate employees in a way that helps you to comply with your legal obligations. As this area can be tricky to navigate without putting your business at risk, we suggest a very careful reading of the guidelines.

The word “termination” refers to all ways in which an employee may leave an organisation, not only dismissal.

There are a number of templates to assist you to implement the guidelines.


  • Abandonment of Employment Warning Letter
  • Acknowledgement of Resignation Letter
  • Consent for Deduction of Wages
  • Departure Checklist
  • Exit Interview Guide
  • Fair Dismissal Code Checklist
  • Notice of Termination due to Abandonment of Employment
  • Redeployment Letter
  • Redundancy Retrenchment Checklist
  • Redundancy Letter
  • Separation of Employment Agreement Letter
  • Summary Dismissal Letter
  • Warning Letter – Dismissal After Warning
  • Warning Letter – General or Final

In addition there are policies included in the package which will clarify to your management and employees your position on matters relating to this process.


  • Abandonment of Employment Policy
  • Death During Employment Policy
  • Redundancy Policy
  • Retirement Policy
  • Termination Policy

If you encounter any difficulties or if anything is not clear to you, please contact our HR Helpline on +61 3 9510 5100 or email