Package 9 – WHS & Workers Compensation

Package 9 – WHS & Workers Compensation


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This package supplies guidelines to assist you to implement processes relating to Workplace Health and Safety, and also managing Workers Compensation claims.
There are a number of templates and policies supporting these guidelines.


  • Emergency Response Procedures
  • Hazard/Injury/Incident Report
  • Independent Medical Examination – Information for Employees
  • Independent Medical Examination – Letter to Employee
  • Independent Medical Examination – Letter to Independent Medical Specialist
  • Independent Medical Examination – Outcome Letter to Employee
  • WHS First Aid Supplies Checklist
  • WHS General Safety Checklist
  • WHS Handbook for Employees
  • WHS Register of Injuries
  • WHS Return To Work Plan
  • WHS Safety Action Plan

Also supplied in this package are a number of policies which will assist in your establishment and maintenance of these practices and clarify your position to your employees in relation to their use.


  • Alcohol and Drugs Policy
  • Fair Treatment Policy
  • Harassment & Bullying Prevention Policy
  • HR Complaint Procedures Policy
  • Smoking Policy
  • Stress Policy
  • Workers Compensation Policy

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