Nomination and Application Process

Nomination and Application Process2018-04-06T15:07:25+00:00

Applications for 2018 are now open and will close on 20 July 2018.


A person is eligible for the Award if they are:

  • Employed by or are the principal of a General Insurance Intermediary, either an Insurance Brokerage or an Underwriting Agency

  • An Australian resident

There are no barriers to age, gender or position. This Award is not based on academic results.


Nominations can be received from a person’s employer or, if a principal of a company, from an industry peer. The Nominator should:

Nominators and nominees should feel free to work together on an Application.


Nominees should complete the Application Form in line with the Selection Criteria and attach the following supporting evidence:

Nomination Form Completed by the Nominator
Resume Include work history and academic/professional development record
Three Written References May be from clients, underwriters and/or other significant business relationships e.g. industry associations
Statement of Merit A detailed statement of how the Nominee meets each of the selection criteria of the Award as detailed below (maximum of 400 words per criterion).
Additional Supporting Material May included discussion papers, reports, published material or anything else which evidences the suitability of the Nominee.

Details of how to submit the Application are included on the Application Form. Applications for 2018 opened in November and will close on 20th July 2018.

Judging the Award

The 2018 judging panel will be chaired by Sheila Baker, Managing Director of Gold Seal with Chris Mackinnon, General Representative Lloyd’s Australia, Jim Rudkin representating the Steadfast Group, and Martin McAvenna representing the AIMS Group.

Written applications will be reviewed and shortlisted and the shortlist will be interviewed with appropriate interview guides and criteria included.

Whilst every attempt will be made to accommodate winner’s travel wishes, exact dates will be selected by Gold Seal taking into account operational requirements of intermediary businesses e.g. end of financial year.