1. Ethics and Values

In all business dealings including internal colleagues:

  • Demonstrates honesty and integrity
  • Behaves ethically
  • Adheres to policies, industry regulations and internal processes
  • Meets personal commitments and promises

2. Business Success

  • Meets goals and other indicators of success in role
  • Demonstrates business acumen
  • Runs a profitable venture/team/portfolio of business

3. Client Relationships

  • Influences outcomes that maximise potential for long term relationships
  • Develops ideas and solutions with the client
  • Maintains and demonstrates sound knowledge of clients’ business and industries
  • Facilitates open communication
  • Identifies current and potentially important clients

4. Teamwork

  • Develops solutions to challenges consultatively
  • Manages conflicts constructively
  • Looks after the welfare of the team and its members
  • Supports shared goals and group decisions
  • Assists open communication between the team members

5. Innovation/Entrepreneurship

  • Identifies and understands market drivers
  • Takes calculated business risks
  • Co-ordinates internal resources to optimum effect
  • Develops strategies to maximise market opportunities that contribute to achievement of organisational goals

6. Industry Contribution

  • Outstanding effort that furthers the interests of professionalism in the intermediary sector